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Sharpening by Dave’s

Re Edge Giving Circle

Repurposing one edge, two sharpen a life.



Re Edge Giving Circle will gives knives, scissors and other blades that would otherwise be in a landfill a new purpose. By having Sharpening by Dave sharpen the donated items to be repurposed for the good of a life. Many of the repurposed edges will be donated to organizations or individuals in need and the other re edged items will be available to you for a donation to charity.


How to Help In this Giving Circle:


Please donate knives, scissor and other blades in any condition, previously well loved, damaged or just not used anymore. Sharpening by Dave will then use their time to repurpose the items and prep them for its new life. Next we will find them new homes, example: soup kitchens, shelters, low income senior homes, group homes, students in need and many other opportunities for these items to make a full circle.


Please donate items to one of our giving boxes!


Thank you for your generosity!


Dave and Amanda




Sharpening by Dave advocates for Re Edge Giving Circle